Inikoa is one of the Hawaiian words that is used to describe Indigo.

I dye fabrics using Indigo.

They are beautiful, they are unique and they are created using Hawaiian seawater and indigo.

I am an artist, photographer, a print maker, textile designer, maker.

I have lived in Hawaii since 1986. Born in Portland Oregon and raised all over the world, I’ve lived in Korea, Brazil, Haiti and Okinawa. In my travels I was always attracted to textiles and in Okinawa Japan I fell in love with Indigo and the art of Shibori.

Last year knowing the bag ban was coming, I started to design bags, I incorporate Hawaiian grown Indigo into my indigo vat and hand dyes fabrics using traditional and non traditional techniques.

I then pair them with leather and/or wax canvas, creating beautiful and functional bags that are so pretty you can’t wait to use them everyday for everything and strong enough so you can.

My company name is INIKOA (a Hawaiian word for Indigo) and this line of bags is called “CHOTTO FUNKY

Chotto Funky is a mix of Japanese and English that translates to mean “A little bit Funky

Chotto (Japanese)  = a little, just, slightly, somewhat

Funky (English) = authentic; earthy, stylish, exciting, stylish and modern in an unconventional way

My other portfolio of artwork can be seen here:

Liz Ambrose

Liz Ambrose

Artist, Photographer, Textile Designer, Maker!